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Supervision & Classes


Supervision is inherent in the practice of psychotherapy.  The process of exploring emotional information often triggers or activates one's historical past.  This jeopardizes the therapeutic process as it may alter the focus of therapy to address one's wounding as opposed to the patient's needs.  This phenomenon is known as transference and countertransference dilemma.  Transference is the process by which a patient may project values, judgments, and characteristics onto the therapist that originate from the patient's past.  If the patient had significant issues with the father figure in his/her life, and you may resemble that male authority figure, the patient may project these values onto you.

The therapist's role is to understand this projection and not recapitulate the patient's past by resisting the induction to behave just as the patient's role model.  If the therapist is not in supervision, there is a risk that the therapist may respond to this projection.  Thus, countertransference is the therapist's reaction to the patient's transference.

Supervision provides an objective perspective that is removed from the emotional underpinnings of a therapeutic relationship. It helps the therapist navigate the emotional panorama of the therapeutic process.

The supervision group is usually six-to-eight practitioners who commit to bimonthly sessions for a period of no less than six months.  The cost is $75 per 90-min session. Contact me for more information.

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Supervision for Body-Focused Practioners

In working with patients with a traumatic past, emotions may be repressed or "somatized".  Any type of body therapy liberates emotions, often leaving the practitioner in uncharted waters.  Marcus Kurek, PT, MA, SEP, designs sessions for somatic or body practitioners who may wish to expand their emotional processing experience with complicated clients.  It is not a substitute for personal psychotherapy but an attempt to help the practitioner gain skills to provide a safe place for emotional expression. 

The practitioner learns to acknowledge their response to the liberation of activating material and provide a therapeutic container to accept this information without fear, internalization, judgment, or ridicule.  They will also learn when a patient may be better suited for psychological services as opposed to bodywork.


The supervision group is usually six-to-eight practitioners who commit to bimonthly sessions for a period of no less than six months.  The cost is $75 per 90-min session. Contact me for more information.


Please check back as I am adding classes in the near future.

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